Historical Aerial Photographs and Maps Available for Viewing at Our Office

1937 Aerial Photographs
1951 Aerial Photographs
1956 Aerial Photographs
1960 Aerial Photographs
1973 Aerial Photographs
1982 Aerial Photographs
USGS Topographic Maps
USGS Geologic Quad Maps
US Fish & Wildlife Wetland Inventory Maps
Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
Soil Survey of Jefferson County, KY (1966)

Locally Developed Publications

Water Management & Sediment Control for Urbanizing Areas Manual
Stream Corridor Restoration Guide
Your Action Guide to Reducing Soil Erosion and Sediment on Small Construction Sites
Harrods Creek Watershed Booklet
Sinkhole & Karst Areas Informational Brochure
Ponds . . . Planning, Design and Construction
Hydric Soils List of Jefferson County
“Videos & Stuff” Pamphlet