Maps & Publications

The following materials are available to view at our office:

Historical Aerial Photographs & Maps

1937 Aerial Photographs
1951 Aerial Photographs
1956 Aerial Photographs
1960 Aerial Photographs
1973 Aerial Photographs
1982 Aerial Photographs
USGS Topographic Maps
USGS Geologic Quad Maps
US Fish & Wildlife Wetland Inventory Maps
Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
Soil Survey of Jefferson County, KY (1966)

Locally Developed Publications

Water Management & Sediment Control for Urbanizing Areas Manual
Stream Corridor Restoration Guide
Your Action Guide to Reducing Soil Erosion and Sediment on Small Construction Sites
Harrods Creek Watershed Booklet
Sinkhole & Karst Areas Informational Brochure
Ponds . . . Planning, Design and Construction
Hydric Soils List of Jefferson County
“Videos & Stuff” Pamphlet