Don't forget about the Jim Claypool Conservation Art Contest and Conservation Writing Contest. The District can provide educational resources to encourage student participation in the contests!  The 2015-16 contest will be on the topic of wildlife and entitled Kentucky's Wild Side. The contest information and pamphlet have gone "green" and will be available to download around September 1st at: or

Students in grades 1-5 may enter the Art (poster) contest and students in grades 6-12 may enter the Writing (essay) contest.  All entries must be submitted to the District for judging by December 1. The District will choose the top three entries (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each category.  First place winners will  then be judged at regional and state levels.  Prizes will be awarded to winners at each level (county, region and state).

The Jefferson County teacher with the County Winner in each contest will receive a $500 environmental education grant from the District!